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9 Responses to “Home”

  • David Judd:

    Hi, my name is David Judd.

    I was just introduced to your work by my sister Debbie Winn. I probably met you at one time at the Milton-Freewater First Christian Church when Debbie and Wes were there. My wife Vicki and I are interested in helping with your projected missions trip to Africa in 2012 that Debbie and Wes are involved with.

    Please keep us posted on developments with regards to that trip. We either would like to go on it, or at least financially help towards it’s success.

  • Hello,
    I met you both a few weeks ago at First Christian Church in Grants Pass, OR. I talked with you briefly regarding your mission and the trip to Africa in 2012. I am a basketball coach and am interested in helping this cause in many ways. Please keep me up to date with any information regarding the progress and the trip. Thank you.

    Michael Hall
    Control Basketball

  • Peter Means:

    Hi Guys, the new site looks amazing! I can’t get enough of the video clip, I watched it three times immediately! Love you both, keep up the good work!


  • Peter Means:

    Hi Guys, the new site looks amazing! I can\’t get enough of the video clip, I watched it three times immediately! Love you both, blessings!

  • Lauren:

    I love it! Seems very thorough. Can your webmaster add a Facebook “like” for your site?

  • Don Metcalf:

    Harry and Sandy,
    It is really good to see you guys are doing all that you said you would do. It is always a great feeling to see people who push forward the Kingdom of God. Keep up the good work. We are behind you as much as we can be.
    Success to you and success to the Kingdom,
    Pastor Don

  • Naomi & Loishiye Mollel:

    Hello guys, you really became a blessing to the people of this village since you arrived here, just remembering the first days when you were digging the ground for the first building on a bare land. It’s three years now and GOD has shown that he is The almighty for all the things that have been done on that ground. Keep this up and we will always be behind you.

    Naomi & Loishiye Mollel

  • Donna Koch:

    I am so amazed at how God has been working through this mission. Today it brought tears to my eyes to see the man that you helped get shoes for his club feet. Walking is something I take for granted and just seeing what some of these people struggle w/ daily and seeing God meet these needs along w/ spiritual needs is so humbling to me. Thank you for your faithfulness to God\\\’s Kingdom. You have been in my prayers!

  • Greg Nolan:

    I met you both in front of Aunties Book store in Spokane today. So enjoyed meeting you and will be following this mission work now.

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